یورونیوز:  تورج صابری وند از فعالان حقوق بشر ایرانی ٢٠٠٠ قایق کاغذی درست کرده و به یاد دو هزار تن از کشته شدگان اهل سوریه که به هنگام تلاش برای رساندن خود به ترکیه و یونان در دریای اژه غرق شده‌اند در دریا انداخته است.آقای صابری وند به یورونیوز می‌گوید: «دوران کودکی‌ام در جنگ ایران و عراق گذشت. وقتی اخبار جنگ سوریه و عراق را می‌خوانم یاد خودم می افتم. ما شانس داشتیم و زنده ماندیم اما همۀ بچه‌هایی که در این کشورهای خاورمیانه زندگی می‌کنند این شانس را ندارند. آن‌ها می‌میرند و زندگیشان تمام می شود.»
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After starting the war in Syria, thousands of people got into a long and hard path, to departure along with their family members, and escape the catastrophe. They picked up their lives and moved to another land. The goal was to find a new peaceful homeland, and to reach there, there were no choice but to cross the stormy Mediterranean waters; the sea that killed two thousand refugees, the bodies of which, especially Syrian children, turned into one of the most controversial news of 2016.Now, in memory of the drowned, Iranian designer, Touraj Saberivand, has sent two thousand white paper boats to the sea in cooperation with a few social activists of Turkey.Formerly, 180 white baloons flew over Tehran sky in reminiscence of the 180 children killed in Gaza. This project though, happened on the Mediterranean coast, in Konak, Izmir, and was met with a very positive reception from the people of the district.Touraj Saberivand, who had previously launched the white baloons and the popular protest campaign against pharmaceutical sanctions, says: “The lives of the Syrian people is like these boats, full of hope and yet, not going anywhere”. after all, the paper boats, now collected from the sea, are going to be exhibited in Tehran in the near future.This is not the first time that Iranians, chant the beautiful song of ending the war and starting the peace in Middle East.The crisis in Syria has been reflected in Iranian art again and again during these years, but yet, this is one of the first movements to be done across borders, especially within the geographical area deluged with saddening memories of Syrian children.Some of the Syrian immigrants themselves got involved in this act and with this group called “The bridge of nations” as well.The news was covered simontaneosly from different medias of Turkey. The other social activists involved were the ones who had been assisting Syrian families during the recent months; accomodating, medical treatments and even rescuing them from the sea. Turkish police was indeed among the viewers of the event from begining to the end. “Muhammad” and “Salim”, two Syrian children aged 10 and 12, were a great help in puting the paper boats on water and more importantly, keeping the memory of their fellow citizens alive.
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